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Shutter stock review - PPT Photography
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Shutter stock review

Shutter stock

Shutter stock review


Shutterstock founded in the year 2003 by Jon Oringer is a photograph, Stock footage and music company which also provides editing tools. The founder of the company was a programmer and a photographer. The company has its headquarters in the Empire State building in New York, United States. Steven Bernes is the co-founder of the enterprise. There are about seven hundred employees in the company are the subsidiaries are Bigstock, Rex Features, Premium Beat, Offset and Webdam.

Shutter stock

The things discussed in the article are:

  • History of Shutterstock.
  • The business model of Shutterstock.
  • Products.

History of Shutterstock:

Jon Oringer who was a photographer and a computer programmer started out by uploading around 30,000 of his Stock photos and made it available to the people for people via subscriptions with unlimited downloads, and he charged a monthly starting fee which was about $49. His stock photos became very famous, and people were downloading his pictures to a great extent and the demand for his stock photos increased. With the growth in the demand for his pictures, Jon Oringer hired more contributors and became an agent. Jon Oringer was said to be one of the pioneers who started the online subscribing stock photos business. Shutter grew to a massive scale in just three years and was said to be one of the best and largest stock photography in the world in the year 2006.

By the year 2006, Shutterstock had almost 570,000 pictures, and within one year the Shutterstock had branched into a film and had made around 1.8 million photos. In the year 2008, the company called Insight Venture Partners invested in Shutterstock, and the company expanded to a large scale. Starting from online subscriptions of stock photos with just $49 the company has grown a lot.

The business model of Shutterstock:

The Shutterstock maintains a license for all their media like stock photos, designers, illustrations, videos, and musicians. The company has around 4 million music and video clips for its portfolio. The Shutterstock maintains a library which has abounded 90 million royalty photographs and illustrations.

Pioneering in online subscription the company has developed its business model in this and had grown to an enormous scale. The photographers are selected based on the photos they take, one out of ten photos get chosen, and that photographer is selected.


The products of Shutterstock include film and music, Shutterstock apps, Shutterstock labs, offset and computer vision.

Film and music:

Stock videos got sold in Shutterstock in the year 2006. There were around 2 million royalty free video clips given in the year 2014.

Shutterstock apps:

In the year 2011, a Shutterstock app released for iPads was brilliant. Later in 2012, the app was released for all iOS devices. The shutter about 650,000 times.

Shutterstock labs:

A lap created for exploratory tools and products. In the year Shutterstock had launched Palette which gives the users the option to add colors.


In the year 2013, Offset was started for artists to access high-quality stock photos. The offset has about 45,000 images and has some famous publishers like National Geographic.