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The Most Beautiful Types of Photographs - PPT Photography
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The Most Beautiful Types of Photographs

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The Most Beautiful Types of Photographs


There are well over 50 types of photography based on style, perspective, lighting, or subject. From Fashion Photography, Wedding, Conceptual, Forced Perspective, and People to Architecture photographs capture brief moments in time and document our lives and the world through art. They act as reminders of happy times, capture the pain during times of war, or simply make something pretty to hang on the wall. They all have one thing in common and that is they capture the beauty of the world.


These are the top 10 Types of Photography that communicate what a beautiful world we live in:

Aerial –

Aerial photographs are captured from above. Seeing a city scape or the hammock of trees in the rainforest shows us just how expansive our world is.

Black and White –

Using contrasts and shadows to truly capture the raw beauty is what makes black and white photographs one of the most stunning pieces of art. With the absence of color, the eye focuses on the lines and lighting of the photograph.

Nature –

Far beyond photographing plants the Nature Photographer captures scenic landscapes, mountain ranges, river beds, or animals. A Nature photograph captures the raw beauty of Nature without the influence of humans.

Animal –

Photographing animals requires an extreme amount of patience and acceptance, however, getting that perfect shot of a wild animal out in their habitat is worth the wait.

Candid –

Spontaneously capturing a moment in time, usually without the subject’s knowledge is known as candid photography. The subject’s attention is usually elsewhere and thus some of the sweetest moments between husband and wife, friends, or parent and child are captured.

Travel –

Documenting a geographic region’s people, landscapes, and cultures is known as travel photography. Travel photographers can bring the Serengeti into your home A Travel photograph focuses on the differences across our cultures and customs in a positive light.

Weather –

A tornado or Hurricane can be absolutely terrifying in person but capturing a lightning strike on camera is awe inspiring.

Time-Lapse –

Photographing a specific subject over an extended period is characterized as time-lapse photography. Seeing how the world changes are astonishing. Imagine capturing the moon every night and having a single photograph show all the phases.

Architecture –

A photograph of an entire building or close-up of the front door both would be classified as architecture photography. Interior photographs could also be included in this category.

Street Photography –

Often used to capture everyday life in a specific society. They have been known to be quite ironic yet always show the strongest emotions on the people’s faces within them.


Photography is one of the most utilized forms of documenting our pasts. There is the true beauty to be captured and all it takes is looking through the lens to find it. A photographer doesn’t have to choose just one type either, several can be combined to create astonishing works of art, such as an Aerial Shot of a Herd of Elephants splashing in a pool of water.